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One of the common and critical effects of unprotected sex is that the individual might end up contracting STDs or Sexually Transmitted Diseases. The tricky part about these is that there are a number of different kinds of STDs. The treatment of some is a relatively easier process. On the other hand, the treatment of others may not be so easy. And in cases of some STDs like AIDS a cure may not be possible at all. Further, STDs like HIV can spread without any sexual contact. But, STDs like gonorrhea and syphilis, etc. pass only through sexual contact.

Any individual can be vulnerable to STDs. Their sexual orientations, relationship/ marital status, etc. do not matter when it comes to STDs. Any kind of sexual activity can lead to the transfer of the infection of the STD from the infected person to the non-infected person. If not treated at the right time these can prove even prove to fatal in some cases. What starts from just itchy palms or dry coughs can completely wreck your immune system or leave you with a bleeding and painful vagina or a penis.

Common symptoms of STDs include painful urination, lower abdominal pain, testicular pain in men, thick, cloudy or bloody discharge from the penis or vagina, painful bowel movements, strong vaginal odor and pain during sexual intercourse.

Some early signs include fever, bad breath, sore throat, night sweats, itchy palms and feet, weight loss, depression, unusual infections etc.

However, these symptoms tend vary among different kinds of STDs. The more critical the disease the worse will be symptoms. However this might not be true at all times. These have been cases where patients diagnosed with HIV show no major symptoms at all.

If you have a feeling that you might have contracted STDs the best way to move ahead is to get yourself diagnosed. Even if they are minute symptoms like bad breath, night sweats or itchy palms and feet they can be indication of a full-fledged STD. And it is only logical in these cases to find out if you have contracted and infection. And in case you have determining the right method of curing it and dealing with it. One must also bring the person they contracted the disease from in the first place and/ or their partner so that they can be evaluated and diagnosed as well.

An important point to be kept in mind is that the symptoms of STDs are not always very obvious. They tend to vary from one STD to another. There are some STDs that show absolutely no symptoms. Yet, these are at a risk of being passed on from the infected person to another person. It is thus, important to always use protection. One must also keep in mind that though condoms are highly effective in reducing the transferring of STDs from one individual to another however aren?t an absolute guarantee against these. So, another step you can take is to regularly visit a doctor to get yourself screened for STDs so that as when you contract an STD you can nip it in the bud.


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Information Superstitions about Itchy Palms and Feet

There are all kinds of superstitions attached to itchy palms and feet. These superstitions tend to be different across different cultures.

Itchy Palms, especially, have a number of connotations across cultures. Mostly, the belief is that itchy palms have something to do with money. Where in most western cultures itchy left palm indicates money will be going out, i.e. the individual will incur losses or payments, right itchy palm indicates that money will be coming in. On the other hand in some countries like Russia, Ukraine and India these connotations are absolutely opposite. So, a right itchy palm indicates money will be going out and an itchy left palm indicates that money will be coming in.

It is believed that when an itchy palm is considered to be lucky, scratching it leads to more money flowing in and when an itchy palm is considered to be unlucky, scratching it leads to more money flowing out. As you can’t scratch yourself in these cases, the solution is to rub your hand over wood.

Another connotation of itchy palms according to some is that it implies that there is some kind of internal energy (known as ‘chi’ in some cultures) moving through your palms where your right hand is supposed to be active and the left hand is the passive one. Basically a right itchy palm indicates that your energy is moving out and will in turn bring in more money.

In terms of itchy feet the belief across all religions seems to be alike. Itchy feet are known to bring about travel and journey in a person’s life. Where an itchy left foot indicates that the journey will be unsuccessful and will hence be worthless or worse will bring about losses, a right foot itch indicates that not only will the journey be successful but, it will also prove to be lucky for the person and will be the harbinger of a lot of gains.

At this point one must always keep in mind that all that these are all just conjecture. There can be number causes behind scratchy palms and feet. These include allergic reactions, dry skin, internal diseases, nerve disorders, dermatitis, eczema, and other skin diseases. They can also be viewed as HIV and diabetes symptoms and STD symptoms. Many times such itches can also result out of a reaction to drugs and even antibiotic medicines. Itches can also result out of insect bites. Other causes of itches include pregnancy, anemia, thyroid illnesses and menopause.

Believing in a superstition is understandable, however making it the reason for not looking for a solution to the condition or the problem cannot be justified. Hence, it is a must that in case you have itchy palms and feet and if the itch seems to be persistent or further if it seems to be a symptom of a more critical disease, it is a must to visit a doctor. In case of skin diseases or allergies or even infections it is even advisable to visit a dermatologist.

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What Do You Know About Red Palms Symptoms?



Red Palms Symptoms

Your hands suddenly turn red and you feel itchy around your skin plus your body feels something wrong. Why is this happened to your body and what is the cause of this problem. This is the symptoms of the reds palms symptoms that happened to your body. This article will provide the information about the red palms symptoms and how to prevent it from happened to your body. Red palms symptoms is the results of the many health conditions that happened and when this happened you should go and see the doctors and medical practitioners. The skins are the largest organ in your body and must be carefully treated by the expert. Read more…

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