Information About Cause of Itchy Palms


There are many problems that cause itchy palms and this article will provide the information regarding the cause and effect of the itchy palms problem.  This will help you learn and know about this problem that occurs to your skins. It should noted here that cause of the itchy palms problem can be categories into two which is

a)      External cause

b)      Internal cause

The external cause by the germs and bacteria that exist around your body and this external can give a bad effect to your body. The external cause will also make your skin itchy and your palm will have eczema problems. Hand eczema and foot dermatitis caused because using the cosmetics product, soap, detergents and also medicine that cause allergies into your body. This will make your body itchy and cause palms problems.

Children’s and housewives are the person that highly potential to get infected by this skin problems. For example housewives there are using garlic and vegetables when preparing foods are highly potential to occurs this problems. The symptoms of itchy problems is they will get severe itching around their palms and soles around their hands. Solvents, paints and fiber glass exposure are also important causes for itchy palms and soles triggered by contact dermatitis. Lack of vitamins, especially vitamins, vitamin B12, B1 and B6 lack of sensation in hands and feet burning and itching may occur.
 Other Skin Disorders Leading to Scratchy Palms and Soles


Other major skin disorders that create scratchy palms and soles are:

Palmoplantar skin psoriasis: Thick hyperkeratotic scaly plaques with painful fissuring and different grades of itchiness can happen in skin psoriasis affecting the palms and soles.

  •  Ring earthworm from the hands and ft: Scratchy rounded scaly skin patches including both palms and soles as well as the back from the hands and ft exist in ring earthworm pests from the hands and ft. Sometimes the scales are delicate and also at in other cases thick and hyperkeratotic.
  •  Scabies. Itchiness from the hands, especially around the finger webs, might be the showing characteristic of scabies. The normal nocturnal itchiness might be present before any tell tale bumps and burrows from the mites appear onto the skin.
  •  Lichen planus, may cause severe scratchy palms and soles, together with violaceous or pigmented skin breakouts.
  • Candidal intertrigo: Generally observed in average women and hair night stands, candidal infection from the finger web spaces and foot web spaces internally cleansers and farming employees may cause scratchy or burning palms and soles.


Based from the aforesaid paragraph it should be learn and know that what are the cause of the itchy palm problems that should be aware. This must be keep in mind the effect from the itchy hands problem are severe and can cause a big impact to your appearance.