Left hand itchy palm

Left hand itchy palm


The Palms are an important part of the body’s system, making a person able to touch and hold things, objects and also very useful for sensory functions.It is the part of the hand which is actively used. The value of the palms may not be so definite except it becomes injured. So there are times when the palms call for attention, that’s when they become very itchy.


Itchy palm could be irritating and at times very bothersome. Constantly Itchy palm can be disturbing and can also affect a person’s normal functions, as they have to stop whatever they are doing and scratch the painful itch till they get a satisfactory relief from the itchy pain.


There are numerous reasons for Itchy palm; they are both internal and external causes. Patients with Chronic Kidney failure could cause reason for Itchy palm. It is one of the primary symptoms of the ailment. HIV infection or AIDS, Crohn’s disease, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Malfunctioning body systems and organs are the other internal reasons for Itchy palm. There a number of external possibilities, such as allergic reaction to soaps, medication, detergents and soaps. Also, microorganisms and bacteria that are found right under the skin of the palms can cause itchiness.


There are various superstitious that come with palm itchiness. Left hand itchy palm means good luck or you’re going to get money. Generally, Left hand itchy palm means money coming in your life, unless you are left-handed in that would mean money going out of your life. The old tale, always tells us that palms itching often show new internal energy moving through the hands. The left hand is the passive or receptive, and the right is always the active one. Left hand itchy palm also has temporary solution by rubbing it on the corner of a table.


Itchy palms can also be treated and taken care in many ways. People having this problem should always take care of dryness and avoid as far as possible contact with sensitivity to soaps and detergents. Application of moisturizing creams and the use of protective gloves are a must. Antihistamines are a great relief from the painful itchiness not most of the times but can be used only for mild to moderate itchy palm.  These help you in getting required sleep and proper rest. Glycerin and lemon oil is the best and effective in treating itchy palm due to dryness. Also, home remedies, such as Oatmeal gives relief from pain and the cures the damage caused by itchiness. Applying lemon oil on your palms whenever you feel the urge to scratch is also recommended. Yoga and relaxation of mind techniques are helpful if there is no rash in the palms, and itching is purely due to psychological reason. An Itchy palm is just a skin condition having both, pathological cause and psychological cause. You can see there many people all over who have this itchiness in their palms, itchy palms which make them vulnerable in doing regular work. As the conclusion, people with itchy palms must seek proper medical attention.