Yellow itching palm hand spreading

Yellow itching palm hand spreading

Itchy Palm can be so irritating to person that he is unable to do any day-to-day activities, his ability to focus and even his sleep, especially if itchy palm at night are experienced. There are various reasons to why this could happen.


One of the main reasons is dry skin; it is a condition which is mostly experienced in the winters, although some people might have it throughout the year. Dry skin mainly occurs when there is be deficient in of moisture in the skin. A person with dry skin experiences redness of the skin, breaking up or cracks in the soles of the feet and flaky skin patches all over. All these conditions often lead to itchy palms and feet. Being allergic to some medication which the person consumes can also be one of the major reasons for itchy palm


A skin disorder Psoriasis generates symptoms, such as patches on the skin, skin redness and itchy palm and feet. Psoriasis mainly occurs due to an increase in the skin cells due to the malfunctioning of the immune system. It may also occur due to a side effect of some medicine. Also, lack of Vitamin deficiency could be a problem for itchy palms and soles. Vitamins, such as vitamin B1, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 can cause many diseases and skin disorders, including itchy feet and palms.


Also, Pitted Keratolysis a type of skin condition is caused due to bacterial condition. Pitted keratolysis produces enormously dry palms and feet which are often sore and prone to itching. A person suffering from this skin disorder develops tiny depressions on the skin epidermis. The main reason behind this condition is extreme sweating, caused due to a number of reasons, such as tight shoes and hand gloves.


Yellow itching palm hand spreading means that the skin starts peeling off and sometimes changes the color a little of yellowish. It dries up and goes away like flat warts. It also is a myth that yellow itching palm hand spreading gets you a large sum of money and prosperity. But, this is not always the truth. Instead you should visit a dermatologist immediately.


There are several remedies for itchy palms a proper skin analysis from a well know dermatologist is very essential to ascertain the exact cause of this condition. Accordingly, the dermatologist recommends medicines to cure the skin disorders that have led to skin itching. Home remedies for itchy palms and feet, include keeping them clean and well moisturized by applying creams and lotions especially meant for hand and feet skin care. Applying hydrocortisone cream is also quite beneficial. But, it is more important in maintaining a healthy, balanced diet, with all the required nutrients can contradict itching caused due to a vitamin deficiency. Allergies can be kept away from by refraining from those food items or products which can cause an allergic reaction and itching. Also, stress free life can be an add-on a can give you and relief from those itchiness and disturbing nights.