Allergies and Itchy Palms

Allergies and Itchy Palms

People have allergic reactions to a multitude of things. Food, water, air, wine and many other kinds of substances cause people to have allergic reactions. While many of these reactions include inflammation of body parts, or the larynx in case of eatables, a number of times the reactions include direct effect on the skin like inflammation of the skin, lesions and rashes on the skin leading to itchy palms, feet, etc. This is majorly because it is the skin that comes in direct contact with any and all substances, specially the hands. So when in contact with anything that can cause agitation to the skin, the first sign is the incidence of itchy palms.

The body generally experiences allergic reactions when it comes in contact with specific chemicals, like urushiol which is derived from poison oak. Most people are allergic to nickel alloys as well. Mostly as these allergies get aggravated when an individual touches them, their first sign is itchy palms. Sometimes the body has such reactions when it comes in contact with pollen of some plants as well. These reactions however depend from people to people as it is not necessary that everyone’s skin be similarly sensitive to different elements.

Another allergic reaction on contact can result out of cosmetics likes, creams, moisturizers, oils, shampoos, soaps, etc., where the chemicals present in these may be unsuitable for certain people with sensitive skin.

A number of times itchy palms are not resultant of just contact with any element the body does not bode well with. A number of times scratchy palms and feet can be a result of the food or water that an individual consumes. Some people are even known to find certain kinds of wines unsuitable. All in all they can too ultimately lead to itchy palms and feet.

Determining the exact cause of such reactions and finding a cure for them is absolutely necessary as such conditions may lead to aggravated skin conditions and diseases. Many people tend to attach superstitions with itchy left palms or right itchy palms. Even if one believes in them, it shouldn’t discourage them from finding a potential solution for their problems. This is because allergic reactions on palms and feet generally only happen to those who have sensitive skin, taking the risk of leaving these unattended can only make the skin condition worse. It is thus, always advisable to consult a dermatologist and get an appropriate cream to apply on the rash.

Allergies are of course not the only reasons behind scratchy palms and feet. Sometimes it can be caused simply as a result of dry skin. Other times it can be a result of other conditions like pregnancy, dermatitis, eczema, and other skin diseases. They can also be viewed as HIV and diabetes symptoms and STD symptoms. However scratchy palms and feet cannot be viewed as absolute HIV and diabetes symptoms since, these are just secondary as compared to other major indicators of such diseases. Similar is the case for STD symptoms and palms.