Curing Itchy Palms and Feet

Curing Itchy Palms and Feet

Finding a cure for scratchy palms and feet is a tricky thing. This is majorly because most people tend to take itchy palms and feet very lightly and thus, they turn to finding solutions to calming these itches by using methods that that they seem fit, especially those that are easily available at home. Mostly people tend to just put the itch under running cold water, or use ice or cucumbers as a method of calming the burning sensation that they feel due to the constant itching. When that doesn’t seem to help they turn to using moisturizers or creams for relief. What most people don’t realize is that sometimes these can lead to the itch being aggravated. In a number of cases it can be these moisturizers itself that lead to such itches.

A number of people turn to the internet to try and put a finger on the causes of the itch. The internet lists scratchy palms and feet as HIV and diabetes symptoms and STD symptoms but, in most cases this turns out to be untrue. So, all it does is create an unnecessary scare among people. Further, it is only the minutest possibly that one can find the true source of the itch via the internet since there are a multitude of reasons behind itchy palms and itchy feet like dry skin, pregnancy, skin diseases, insect-bites, food allergies, reaction to chemicals, and more.

A lot of people simply use self-prescribed creams to solving such itches. Such practices can prove to be harmful. It is always advisable to visit a dermatologist in such cases since they are aware of and are professional enough to determine the possible infections or allergies that lead to such itchy palms and feet. Once the exact cause of the itch is determined the dermatologist can simply prescribe the correct medicine needed to fix the itch. Most anti-itch medicines include benadryl, topical steroid, mint oil, menthol, or camphor and local anesthetics like benzocaine topical cream.

In most cases the cause can be a simple insect-bite or a bacterial/ fungal infection. In other cases such itches can be an indication of possible skin conditions like eczema. In more serious cases it is an indication of more serious diseases. In fact, off late itches have also been linked to cancer. It is hence extremely important to determine the exact cause of the itch.

For finding a quick cure for itches in case you’re unable to visit a dermatologist in time, one can use strictly non-chemical ways of curing your itch. These would include cooling, warming and/ or soft stimulation. It is not even advisable to use water as a soothing agent since sometimes rashes can be caused as a result of reactions to water in a place you’re maybe new at since your body maybe unaccustomed to it and its composition. In case of dry skin, it is advisable to ensure that you consume the appropriate amount of fluids and food rich in water content that can help maintain skin moisture.