Itchy hands and burning feet

Itchy hands and burning feet

Itchy hands are sensations in the palm are of the hands; while burning feet or ache of feet lead burning feet syndrome in medical terms known as Grierson-Gopalan syndrome.  It is learn that hyperesthesia and vasomotor changes are reasons for extreme sweating in the foot area. Besides this, one needs to alert about the neuropathy that occurs due the impairment of nerves in the feet part. To outcome itchy hands and burning is a risky task.

Listed below are few causes of why itchy hands and burning feet occur?

Allergies: maintaining unhygienic dermatitis can lead to allergies that ultimately cause skin irritation as well itch hands and feet.

Eczema: cause awful irritation sensation in the feet can be experienced and curing this is hard from reality but one can condense the pain by using antibiotics or other medication.

Psoriasis: once you begin to sense of itchy hands and feet at this stage is hard to go forth and sustaining one such ailment will only lead to imbalance in hormonal changes. The immune system also will be adversely affected and taking caring of nails is also crucial.

Athlete’s foot:  it is a fungal infection that directs one to itchy hands and burning feet. Keeping oneself away from infections in the public areas and continuing healthy habits, keeping feet dry and cleans are ways to keep the ailment out.

Never damage: when pressure builds upon the nerves; never damage occur resulting in itchy hands or burning feet.

Added to this if one is already suffering from hypothyroidism, diabetes, or rheumatic arthritis you will are slightly prone to receive neuropathy symptoms including burning feet.

Chronic kidney disease or uremia is also mentioned  for itchy hands or burning feet that leads to neuropathy

Added to this vitamin deficiency, alcohol abuse, low thyroid hormonal imbalance, lyme disease, HIV/AIDS, Amyloid polyneuropathy, Vitamin B6 overdose, intake medicines related to HIV/AIDS, heavy metal poisoning, vasculitis or inflammation of blood vessels are popular known reasons for occurrence of itchy hands and burning feet.

Treatment for burning feet:

Electromyography (EMG) is a test done on muscle functions using recordings of electrical activity inside the muscles. Usually a needle or probe is used tools that go into the muscle to complete the EMG test. Also, one needs to keep a check of the never condition in the respective physical system. Here the specialist stimulate a nerve and randomly confirm on muscle control level of the nerve through various tests.

Nerve biopsy, where one will be suggested to give a piece of nerve cut from the body for through examination under the microscope. However, it is recommended to those suffering serious feet related ailments not all are eligible for this test. In the initial stages of the infection the doctors to take supplements of vitamin B that provide instant relief. Low-dose aspirin is given on every day basis especially for those suffering from erythermelalgia.

Being alert and aware of the cause and effects of itchy palm of hands and burning feet only ensure a healthy lifestyle to anyone.