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What You Must Know About Itchy Palms

Itchy Palms

Many people suffer from itchy palms and feet as a symptom of many different illnesses and disorders. And over the years it has been determined that it can be a precursor to a more sever diagnosis such as infection and even an allergic reaction. People who suffer from having itchy palms and feet have  problems performing tasks, socializing, and other activities that others do on a daily basis. Imagine having your hands and feet itch so badly that any time you drive, cook, clean, and other mediocre tasks you need to stop to scratch. It really is a miserable ailment to deal with.

Causes Itchy palms can be caused by many things however they are generally categorized in two parts, exogenous and endogenous. Exogenous means that the cause is outside of the body such as an allergic reaction to cleaning supplies, liquids, vanity products, nickel, silicone, and much more. Endogenous
means that the cause is within the body and may be a side effect of a medication or another illness or disorder. This is why itchy palms cannot be ignored as it can tell your doctor so much about the underlying cause of your problem.

If the reason for your itchy palms is in fact exogenous, it is possible for your doctor to look at the products that you use such as lotion and hair care products as well as cleaning solutions such as detergents and solvents to help you narrow down what causes your reaction. You may possibly be allergic or have a hypersensitivity to the ingredients in these things and may be able to avoid them in the future to solve your itchy palm problems. If you cannot avoid the ingredients in a product to avoid suffering with itchy palms due to the commonness of the ingredient used, you can prevent your reaction by wearing gloves while cleaning to prevent contact with the ingredient causing the problem.

If your itchy palms are caused by an endogenous reason, there are medications that you can take to alleviate your symptoms and make the problem more manageable. A diagnosis such as contact dermatitis is one cause for itchy palms and the combination of the itching and inflammation may be unbearable without treatment of medications. However other endogenous causes include systemic causes, idiopathic causes, as well as a lack of certain vitamins in your system. It is important to contact your doctor to help not only alleviate your symptoms but also find out more about the cause of your itchy palms and feet.

Other health conditions that are more serious such as HIV infection, Crohn’s, and other severe disorders and diseases may also cause itchy palms and feet. Without treatment for these problems you may suffer more than you could with treatment. Your doctor will be able to run a few tests and check for rashes to help you determine the cause however, it is always best to receive immediate treatment if you suffer from itchy palms and feet for longer than 48 hours without a visible rash.

You have the ability to choose from many forms of treatment for your itchy palms. There are numerous ways that you can alleviate the symptoms. Some of these treatments are homeopathic while others are more on the medicinal side of treatment, so which ever you feel fits you and your daily schedule best is up to you. It is wise to try multiple treatments to see what works best for you, especially with homeopathic remedies as some may work perfectly for you while others may not help at all. People react differently to treatments as we are all a little different and not made from a cookie cutter form.

Homeopathic Remedies

A few remedies that you can try at home either before or after you see your doctor about your itchy palms and feet are herbal treatments such as oatmeal, changing soaps and cleaning supplies, wearing gloves, and wet dressings. Each treatment has its benefits and others are best used in a pinch when you can’t get to the other remedies. However changing soaps and cleaning supplies to ones made for sensitive skin or are supposed to be gentle on skin may be the best first step that you should take.


To ease your itchy palms using oatmeal, you will need colloidal oatmeal or oats that have been ground into a very fine powder. You can simply add this to a warm bath or a bowl of warm water and let your hands soak for about 10 – 15 minutes. Oatmeal baths are used to treat many different ailments such as chicken pox and poison ivy, it pulls the irritant from your skin to sooth the irritation.

Unscented Cleaning Agents
Things such as soaps, body washes, detergents, and solvents can cause itchy palms and feet due to sensitive skin or an allergic reaction. It is best to find something gentler on your skin and avoid harsh soaps that have chemicals and other ingredients that cause irritation to your skin. It is also suggested by many medical professionals to avoid scalding your hands and only use lukewarm water to wash your hands when necessary as it can cause your itchy palms to worsen.

Pure Cotton Gloves 

If your itchy palms have become an even more painful problem or you can’t stop itching them, it is suggested to wear pure cotton gloves to protect your hands. The scratch can damage the skin even more and make the problem even worse. It is recommended to wear pure cotton gloves at night to prevent damage while scratching in your sleep and ensure that you clean your gloves every day or purchase multiple pairs and wash them in unscented gentle soap to avoid further irritation.

Wet Dressings
To use wet dressings to alleviate your itchy palms, first drench a wash cloth or gauze in cold water, then apply directly to your itchy palms. The cold will help numb the itching and irritation for a short time, and allow you to catch a break. The cold may also sooth any inflammation caused by itching your palms frequently and help them to heal after being damaged by the scratching.


No matter the cause of your itchy palms, it is best to see your doctor so that he or she can help you find the underlying cause to your condition. Your doctor will know how to best help you alleviate your symptoms and be able to help you find out what category your itchy palms and feet fall under. Once you have figured this out, you will be on the fast track to alleviating your itchy palms so you can lead a full
life without suffering.

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